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TMJ Pain


TMJ and facial pain is becoming more prevalent as we age together! We are keeping natural teeth longer and therefore have many more forceful chewing cycles on our TM Joint than previous generations. Our stressful lifestyles can cause us to clench and grind our teeth. Mouth drying medications can allow bacteria to rapidly decay our teeth making our bite uneven and imbalanced.

Lastly, a lack of comprehensive dental care creating a solid, dependable bite will cause repeated abnormal force on the TMJ. One of the things we do not think about is how this wear and tear affects the other end of the chewing system, the jaw joint, or TMJ.

Dentist specifically adept in the study and treatments of the jaw can evaluate and treat these imbalances. The basic truth is the mouth has the most complicated joint structure in our body…it is the only joint that not only rotates but also slides down a little hill called the eminence with a pad between the two bones—it has to stay in perfect harmony or else you’ll feel discomfort and possibly locking and clicking.

Dr. Butler is certified by The International Academy of Facial Aesthetics in the treatment of TMJ problems with Botox muscle relaxation therapy. He has over 33 years of experience in TMJ disorders, bite treatment for TMJ, implant dentistry, preventive and longevity dentistry to completely solve your problems long term.

Experience makes a difference. You owe it to yourself to call or click and schedule a no commitment consultation with Dr. Butler to find out all of your options to regain comfort and full range of motion using combinations of dental and Botox treatments. Our patients may become comfortable in as little as three days!

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