Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Are you nearly happy with your smile but wish your teeth were just a few shades whiter? Teeth whitening has been around for decades, but how safe it is? It turns out it’s very safe. Teeth whitening performed by Dr. James E Butler at Innovative Dental Ideas in Hilliard, Ohio is not only safe, but it’s fast and convenient, and it can leave your pearly whites whiter than ever. 

The 101 on in-office teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in your dentist’s office is a safe, efficient way to lighten your teeth color by several shades. Dr. Butler uses the Smile Perfected™ Prophy Plus™ system that works in two ways:

Whitening gel

The gel in the pre-filled trays that are fitted to your teeth is specially formulated to start whitening on the surface. The gel gently penetrates the upper surface of your teeth to disrupt dark pigmented particles below.

The light

The LED light shining on your teeth during whitening heats your teeth slightly, and that activates a special ingredient in the gel, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The ingredient’s job is amplifying the gel’s bleaching power for better enamel brightening and whitening.  

Dr. Butler uses Smile Perfected thanks to its speed (many other teeth whitening systems take up to an hour) and because the gel is specially designed to be non-irritating to your gums, reducing sensitivity during and after treatment. 

The experience of teeth whitening

You’ll be able to sit relaxed in the dental chair during your treatment, which only takes about 20 minutes. Dr. Butler will make sure you have your gums protected with a quick layer of vitamin E, and the tray will be fitted to your teeth. The light will be positioned so your jaw can rest comfortably while your mouth is open. After treatment, Dr. Butler will give you a whitening pen you can use at home if you get a stain on your teeth.

Side effects of teeth whitening

For most people, teeth whitening has no side effects when applied properly by a trained dentist. You might be in the group of a few patients who find that slight sensitivity of the teeth or a little gum irritation can show up a few days after whitening. 

If you experience any discomfort, you can rest assured that it will be gone in just a couple of days. You can use sensitive teeth toothpaste for a week if necessary to make your teeth and gums feel better.

Are you ready for a brand new look to your smile? Call our office in Hilliard, Ohio at 614-300-5170 for a teeth whitening appointment, or schedule your treatment online.

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