How the Smile Perfected Prophy Plus™ Whitening System Can Change the Look of Your Smile

Your eyes may sparkle, your wit may be engaging, but if your teeth are dingy, your first impression is bound to be a downer. That’s because people equate yellowing teeth with advanced age, illness, or even lazy dental hygiene. But bright, white teeth communicate happiness and health.

Unfortunately, teeth tend to discolor over time, even if you’re diligent about daily care and regular professional cleanings. As the enamel wears thin, the brown dentin beneath it shows 

through and gives your teeth a yellow tinge. Dark-colored foods and drinks leave behind stains that your toothpaste can’t beat. And smoking or chewing tobacco and certain medications, particularly tetracycline, can discolor your teeth, as well. 

While there are many products lining the drugstore shelves claiming to whiten your teeth, most are ineffective, and some are even dangerous for your teeth and gums. Even professional-grade products have some serious flaws.

That’s why Dr. James Butler and our team of dental experts here at Innovative Dental Ideas in Hilliard, Ohio thoroughly researched all the latest technologies and techniques before adopting a teeth whitening system for our patients. We trust the Smile Perfected Prophy Plus™ whitening system for its unsurpassed results and proven safety. Here’s how it works.

Why Smile Perfected Prophy Plus?

Most teeth whitening systems, whether in-office or at-home style, rely on peroxide bleaching agents to get rid of stains. At-home kits typically contain 3%-20% peroxide, while professional systems boast 15%-43%.

In general, the longer you leave the solution on your teeth, the whiter they’ll become, but the process has a definite downside: the solution that whitens your teeth can quickly damage your gums and teeth and cause severe sensitivity.

Most in-office procedures also take a lot of time — about half an hour to prep your teeth, plus another 45 minutes to an hour in the chair waiting for the solution to work.

The Smile Perfected Prophy Plus whitening system has solved all these problems.

The Goldilocks effect — why Prophy Plus is just right

Because all teeth whitening systems use the same chemical agent — a mix of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, the difference is in the ratio. High concentrations can quickly whiten your teeth but also harm them; low concentrations are ineffective. Finding the right balance is key.

After Smile Perfected nailed the ratio, they added menthol to the mix, which eliminates all sensitivity during and after the treatment. 

Once we place the solution on your teeth, we apply a precise amount of light and heat to speed up the chemical reaction, so you’re in and out of your treatment in 20 minutes. 

Get your teeth whitened during your regular cleaning visit

Because most teeth whitening treatments take a long time, dentists typically schedule them as a standalone appointment. But with Smile Perfected Prophy Plus, you can add it to the end of your cleaning — in fact, we recommend it.

When our hygienist cleans your teeth, they remove the pellicle layer. This is a thin film of saliva that constantly covers your teeth. It never really leaves unless it’s intentionally removed during dental prophylaxis or prophy.

Once your teeth are clean and the pellicle is gone, it’s the perfect time to whiten your teeth, because there are no barriers. We simply apply some vitamin E oil to your lips and gums to protect them, give you a comfortable tray filled with pleasant-tasting gel to cover your teeth, and shine a special light to activate the ingredients. 

When your treatment is done 20 minutes later, your teeth are several shades whiter, you feel zero pain or sensitivity, and you can get on with your day. 

If you want to learn more about the Smile Perfected Prophy Plus teeth whitening system, contact us by phone at 614-529-0062 or online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Butler and our team.

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