Help for Your TMJ Pain

Under normal circumstances, you likely don’t give your jaw a second thought. It’s easy to take this powerful mechanism for granted as you chew and talk throughout the day. But eventually, it starts to show the warning signs that something is wrong, leaving you with aching pain and other frustrating symptoms. 

That’s where our expertise comes in. In addition to comprehensive dental services, Dr. James Butler at Innovative Dental Ideas in Hilliard, Ohio, also specializes in identifying and treating jaw pain caused by TMJ disorders. Here’s everything you should know about this condition and what we can do to help. 

A closer look at TMJ pain

TMJ pain refers to irritation and damage of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in your jaw. This impressive joint acts like a sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to your skull. It also contains the muscles that open and close your jaw when you talk and eat. 

The pain you’re feeling has a few different names. Some call it TMJ pain, others refer to it as TMJ disorder or temporomandibular disorder (TMD). 

In addition to pain and tenderness in your jaw, you might also experience symptoms like:

It’s possible to experience symptoms on one or both sides of your jaw. 

Anyone can suffer from TMJ pain, but there are a few factors that increase your risk. For instance, if you grind or clench your teeth  — a condition known as bruxism — you might be at an increased risk for TMJ pain. Other common causes of TMJ pain include:

No matter what’s behind your TMJ pain, Dr. Butler has 33 years of experience and a list of comprehensive treatments to help you find relief from your symptoms. 

Treating TMJ Pain

We know how frustrating and debilitating TMJ pain can be, so we offer treatments that aren’t just effective but also act quickly. In fact, most of our patients report significant improvement in as little as three days. Here’s how we do it. 


You’ve likely heard of Botox as a cosmetic treatment, but it’s making a splash in dentists’ offices all over the country. We use it to temporarily paralyze and relax the muscles in your jaw, helping you feel less pain while it heals. 

Dental splints

Dental splints are an especially effective treatment if your TMJ pain stems from alignment issues or bruxism. Dr. Butler creates custom-made dental appliances that closely resemble mouth guards and fit your mouth exactly. They keep your jaw in proper alignment and prevent you from clenching and grinding your teeth and causing more painful damage.

Preventive and longevity dentistry

We also offer comprehensive dental services to boost your overall oral health and address some of the underlying conditions causing your TMJ pain. Dr. Butler specializes in dental implants, dentures, and other services that restore your bite and reduce the abnormal force on your TMJ. 

At-home care

In mild cases, we can often help you treat your TMJ pain conservatively or at home. For example, we guide you through proper chewing techniques, encourage you to eat soft foods, and give you simple massaging tricks and exercises to keep the pain at bay. 

Additionally, icing your jaw or taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs can be effective in relieving your TMJ pain. 

Why spend another day living with TMJ pain? Come see Dr. Butler and our team of experts to get the pain relief you’ve been looking for. Call our friendly staff at 614-529-0062, or request an appointment online to get started today.

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