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Did You Know Veneers Can Improve Dental Health?

Are you looking for an innovative way to improve your smile and fix dental issues like crooked, uneven, or stained teeth? Non-cosmetic veneers may be the answer you’re looking for. Read on to learn why our patients in Hilliard, Ohio, trust Dr. James E. Butler at Innovative Dental Ideas with all their dental health needs.

Are veneers permanent?

Think of veneers like a tooth-colored shell that fits over your teeth, changing their shape and size. They’re made of hard materials like resin or porcelain so they last for years. Veneers are also more resistant to stains than natural enamel.

Keep in mind, we may need to remove some of your tooth enamel to make room for veneers. Though the procedure is to remove enamel from your teeth is permanent and irreversible, you’ll need to replace the veneers themselves every so often. Many of our patients get a new set of veneers every seven to 15 years. 

While veneers are widely known as a cosmetic dental procedure to cover up visible imperfections and discolorations, they can also help improve your dental health. Here’s how.

How do they improve dental health?

Alignment issues with your teeth create hard-to-clean crevices, increasing your risk of issues like tooth decay. This is a common issue in people with chipped or cracked teeth too. Tiny food particles can get stuck in the cracks, allowing bacteria to build up. Straightening and evening your teeth with veneers makes oral hygiene easier and more effective, for the simple reason that your teeth are easier to clean.

In some cases, veneers can also be used as an alternative to dental crowns, especially if you're mainly considering a crown for aesthetic reasons. Not everyone who needs a crown can substitute a veneer, though. It depends in part on the degree of damage to your tooth. When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Butler will review your dental health history, assess your teeth, and let you know if veneers are right for you.

Can they strengthen my teeth?

Tooth enamel is one of the strongest materials found in our bodies, even stronger than any other bones. Even so, it wears down over the years as we eat and brush our teeth.

Veneers provide backup for weakening tooth enamel, keeping your teeth strong and well-protected from decay. They can also hold your teeth together if they are chipped, cracked, or broken.

Can they realign my teeth?

In some cases, veneers work like braces, correcting misaligned teeth. It all depends on how crooked your teeth are. Each patient is unique; we won’t know if veneers can help you until you come in for a consultation.

What can I expect?

It usually takes about three appointments to get your veneers. Over the course of the process, Dr. Butler examines you, prepares your teeth, gets molds of your teeth, selects the color that best matches your teeth, and then bonds the finished veneers into place. At Innovative Dental Ideas, we make our veneers in our own in-house dental lab. The results have excellent quality control and individualization. Depending on your dental needs, we can place a veneer on a single tooth or veneer all of your teeth at the same time.

To schedule a consultation about non-cosmetic dental veneers with Dr. Butler at Innovative Dental Ideas in Hilliard, Ohio, use our convenient online booking tool or call 614-529-0062 today.

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