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4 Reasons Veneers Might Be the Right Choice for You

4 Reasons Veneers Might Be the Right Choice for You

Very few people are born with perfect teeth, but what nature didn’t dole out, you can get from an experienced dentist like Dr. James Butler at Innovative Dental Ideas in Hilliard, Ohio. 

Dental veneers have been around for a long time, helping people cover imperfections with an ultra-thin, tooth-colored shell that permanently adheres to the front side of the problem tooth or teeth. But at Innovative Dental Ideas, we use the most advanced type of veneers. Here’s what’s new and what you need to know.

Why your smile matters

You may look in the mirror and see a few imperfections, such as a slightly twisted tooth, a crack or chip, or a spacious gap, and convince yourself they’re just cosmetic issues that don’t need attention. And while we, too, believe your smile should matter less than what’s on the inside, the world tends to respond differently.

Studies show that:

But your imperfect smile also affects your oral health. Crooked, misshapen, gapped, and damaged teeth provide opportunities for bacteria to set up shop in and around your teeth and trigger gum disease and tooth decay.

Reasons to consider veneers

Depending on what’s wrong with your teeth, you have many cosmetic dentistry options to repair and restore your smile. One of those options — veneers — is particularly versatile. Here are the top four reasons they might be right for you.

1. Veneers repair and hide cracks and chips

Any breach in your tooth’s enamel is a gateway for bacteria. Even if the look of a cracked or chipped tooth doesn’t bother you, you’ll need treatment eventually as decay sets in.

2. Veneers cover discolored teeth

At Innovative Dental Ideas, we offer an excellent professional teeth whitening system called Smile Perfected™’s Prophy Plus that can wipe out stains from food, tobacco, and poor oral hygiene. But occasionally, tooth discoloration is so advanced that it needs next-level treatment. That’s where veneers come in, covering the gray, brown, or yellow that shows through from within.

3. Veneers close gaps

Gaps in your teeth leave your gums exposed to bacteria and also allow food to get stuck in the spaces. If you only have a gap between your two front teeth, you don’t need full-mouth orthodontic treatment, you just need veneers to span the gap.

4. Veneers correct odd shapes and sizes

You may have a single tooth that’s smaller than all the others, making it appear as if you have a baby tooth that never fell out. Or maybe you have a tooth that’s too pointy, too square, or too angular. Veneers effectively reshape your misshapen or missized teeth and unify your smile.

Introducing zirconium veneers

For years, the standard materials in dental veneers have been porcelain and composite resin, and they’ve done a good job at covering tooth imperfections and protecting the natural tooth underneath.

However, Dr. Butler is an innovator at heart, and he keeps up with the latest research and technological advancements, which led him to adopt zirconium veneers. After much consideration and testing, and based on his expertise and experience, he now offers these advanced veneers to our patients.

Made out of the strongest dental material available, zirconium veneers are whiter, more durable, thinner, and more stain-resistant than their predecessors. They’re also better at hiding dark teeth caused by bruxism or medication. 

Bonus: We design and manufacture your veneers right here in our office!

If veneers sound like they’re right for you, schedule an appointment by calling or booking online today, and transform your smile into the best version of itself. 

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